Avoiding jargon and acronyms in questions

Jargon are words that are very specific to a particular industry or profession.

For example, I could ask you a question about how to write effective “stems” and “alternatives,” when really what I mean is a question about how to write effective “questions” and “answers”.

“Stems” and “alternatives” are jargon specific to the field of instructional design, but you wouldn’t know that unless you’re an instructional designer. So using jargon would only confuse you.

Using jargon is a trap. Sometimes it seems important, but if your learners are unfamiliar they won’t have any idea what you mean.

More than not, jargon obscures understanding.

Leave it out whenever possible.

Explain acronyms

The same principle goes for acronyms: whenever possible trade them out for the actual words they stand for.

But when acronyms are necessary, always remember BSTE*

*Be Sure To Explain

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