When I load learn.yarno.com.au I get a blank white screen?

We know this can be super frustrating. And there are a few potential culprits for this one. 

Possible causes

Slow connection

It's possible that the page timed out when it was loading. This can be due to a slow or dropped internet connection. 

JavaScript turned off

It's also possible that JavaScript is turned off in the browser. The Yarno website requires JavaScript to be turned on to display correctly. 

Steps to try

  1. Refresh the browser;
  2. Close the page you're on. Click Login and try and login with your email and password;
  3. Check if JavaScript is turned off;
  4. Try accessing Yarno from a browser that's not in incognito or private browsing mode.


The best way to check if JavaScript is turned on or off on an iPhone is to follow these steps. This also assumes that Safari is being used as the browser (it's the default browser on the iPhone). 
1. Go to  Settings
2. Scroll down and tap Safari 
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap  Advanced
4. If JavaScript is turned off, the colour in the toggle will be white. If it's on the colour will be green. 

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