Add Questions Into Yarno

You've written some amazing questions for team members to answer. They're ready to publish, but first you need to add them into Yarno. 

Before you add a question, make sure you have the following content written and also ready to go: 

  • The question itself 
  • The possible answers
  • A great explanation behind what the correct answer is 
  • Any tags for the topic behind the question 

Feel free to check out our handy tips and tricks on content writing here

Adding Questions Into Yarno 

To start, please sign into your dashboard. Then, locate the "Questions" tab on the bar at the top. 

From there, you will see a nice, orange button on your top right hand corner that invites you to "CREATE NEW QUESTION" and it's a simple matter of copying and uploading your question and associated content. 

When you have successfully entered the question, answers, explanation and tags, press on "SAVE QUESTION" and ta-da! The question should now be successfully stored on the Yarno platform!

Still Stuck?

Here's a helpful video which provides a step-by-step guide on how to add questions into Yarno. Watch for an in-depth demo on the entire uploading process!

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