I was not invited to Yarno

If you are unable to reset your password after multiple attempts, it may be that you have not been invited to the wonderful world of Yarno. If this is the case, it means that you have not yet created a Yarno account. 

What to do

Remain calm and shoot an email to our friendly support team, letting us know that you have not been invited to Yarno. 

To best assist us, please include the following information in your email: 

  • Your full name 
  • Employer 
  • Email (personal or work) 
  • Employee ID number 
  • Team(s)/store region

I have a Yarno account, but I can't see my quiz questions

If you have successfully signed into your Yarno dashboard but do not see your quiz questions waiting for you, it means that you have not been added to the relevant campaign. You may be greeted with a blank screen which appears to be loading.

In this case, please double check with your manager to find out the name of the campaign that is running for you. Then, send us a quick email with your details (name, email address, employer, team(s)/store name and campaign name) so we can get everything set up for you. 

Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for an invite email to be sent to you after we have added you to the correct campaign, 

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