Glossary of Yarno Terms


Learner's are the wonderful users of the Yarno platform that answer questions, so, you!


A participant who gets to see an elevated Dashboard and dig into the performance of specific learners.


A campaign is a collection of questions served to a learner. They come in two main forms: 

Embed Campaigns - designed to embed knowledge over a period of time, usually 3-6 weeks. These campaigns utilise microlearning and spaced repetition.

Burst Campaigns - designed to communicate or test knowledge quickly and efficiently by delivering all questions in one go. These campaigns are typically 5 to 10 questions long and can be completed in a few minutes.


Primers are benchmarking questions which are served to the learner before and after an embed campaign to provide an indication of the level that skills and knowledge have improved throughout the Yarno campaign. 

NOTE: bursts do not have primer questions.

Scoring Terms

Completion - the % of campaign questions answered.

Participation - the % of learners that login to Yarno at least once in a 7 day period.

Performance - the % of campaign questions answered correctly. 

Score - individuals can accumulate points in two ways; by regularly participating throughout a campaign, and by answering questions correctly.

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