The Campaign Dashboard

And now, we find ourselves at the town square, the centrum, the watering hole of Yarno – the Campaign dashboard. 

Here, you can find a few important pieces of information: 

  • Which shiny badges you've earned on the campaign 
  • Your score, rank and streak
  • Your performance over time, and by topic 
  • How accurately you answer questions 
  • The campaign leaderboard (useful for screenshotting and sending to your mates)

What the Dashboard elements mean 

  • You can view your Rank. The Leaderboard ranks learner's by their scores and teams by their average performance within a campaign. If their are names missing, this will be because the campaign administrator has chosen to omit them from this campaign. 
  • Badges are awarded for special achievements like correct answer streaks and topic mastery. 
  • Your Score represents your overall performance on Yarno and is a count of points scored for correct answers and participation. 
  • Streaks show your longest consecutive stretch of correct answers.
  • Your Performance Over Time, tracks your performance over the course of the campaign.
  • Your Answer Accuracy tracks your performance over your first and second attempt at all questions over the course of the campaign.
  • You can also view your Performance By Topic

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