Add learners to Yarno

"Learners" make up Yarno's user base. These are the individuals that partake in quizzes and earn points while learning. 

Login and Enter Admin.

Click Learners in the top menu bar. 

Next click Create Learner. 

When you add new learners to Yarno, you have the option to add them individually or in bulk (by CSV file upload). 

If your campaign has any significant number of learners, say, more than 10, then the bulk upload feature will be a timesaver. 

The following modal will appear:

You can create a new learner on the right hand side by simply populating their information.

Alternatively, to bulk upload:

  • Download our template, that’s a type of spreadsheet called a CSV 
  • Fill it out with your learners’ info (e.g. name, email address, job title). Make sure to remove the placeholder information that is included in the sample, it is intended as a guide. 
  • Upload the saved file to Yarno and all your learners appear in the list automagically.

Please note that learners will not receive and invite to the Yarno until they have been attached to a campaign. 

Generate Learner Export

In addition to that bulk upload template, we have an option for customers who already have learners in Yarno...

You can download a CSV export of your current learner list, in the same format required for bulk upload. This allows you to more easily review offline to check if there are any extra people you want to add - and if there are, the document can be easily updated and reuploaded. Any new learners on the list will then be automatically added into your Yarno account - easy!

Still Stuck? 

Watch this step-by-step guide video on how to add new learners from your Yarno dashboard: 

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