Introduction to Yarno

What is Yarno?

If you've found yourself here, you might be trying to answer the question – what is this Yarno thing anyway?

Aside from sounding like having a good ol' yarn, Yarno is essentially like Trivial Pursuit for the workplace. 

It's simple. Answer a quiz a day, compete against your work mates and learn a thing or two along the way. 

And did we mention you can use any device you like? Well, most devices with an internet connection – sadly, your old Nokia 3100 won't quite cut it.

What's involved?

If your company is learning with Yarno, they'll run what's called a campaign – a set of quizzes to be delivered to the palm of your hand, each day. These campaigns can be a burst (a quick, short quiz) or an embed (a longer, more involved) campaign, depending on the topic.

You'll first receive an invite to a campaign, and from there, you'll receive short daily quizzes that helps you improve knowledge, track your learning progress and spark some friendly competition between your colleagues. Sharon in Accounts won't know what's what after you zoom past her on the leaderboard! 

Spaced repetition (a fancy way of saying that you might see the same question more than once) increases confidence and memory by reinforcing critical information over time, and gamification means you can earn points and badges for putting in the work. 

After answering a question, you'll get feedback immediately on how you did, and the percentage of people on your campaign that answered the same as you, or differently. 

  • If you answered correctly, you can either move on or head over to the Explanation screen for a more in-depth explanation. 
  • If you answered incorrectly, you'll be taken straight to the Explanation screen to see how you could do better next time. 

Now for the fun part – the dashboard! You've got your very own, personalised dashboard in Yarno that shows your streaks, badges, rank and Yarno score (points are awarded for participating and performance). Also, there are a whole collection of insights into your Yarno learning career here – your highest and lowest performing topics, answer accuracy and more! 

But I don't have time! 

We understand. 

You're busy and may not feel you have time or the energy for training. And, it's true – employees are time-stretched further than ever before. Training, unfortunately, one of those tasks that falls into the 'I'll do it eventually' basket. 

That's exactly why we've built Yarno to be quick, targeted quizzes that don take no more than a few minutes in a tea break, on the bus or on a walk around the office.

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