Why have I been logged out of Yarno?

You may be wondering why sometimes when you load Yarno, you're automatically logged in, yet other times, you have to sign in all over again. This is because Yarno has an automated log-out system which logs you out automatically after a certain amount of hours.

There's two situations where Yarno will log you out automatically:

1. Inactivity time-out

You will be automatically logged out of Yarno if you don't log in for 4320 minutes (that's 3 days). If you load Yarno within 3 days of last using it, you will be automatically signed in.

2. Required log-in

You will be automatically logged out after 30 days, regardless of how often you use Yarno. You will have to log in again, and the cycle resets, so if you use Yarno every day (or within 3 days), you won't have to log in again for another 30 days.


Yarno has automatic log-out periods for security reasons. It means that if you log in to Yarno on a device that isn't your own, or someone gets a hold of your device, they won't be able to get in to all your Yarno data. Logging you out automatically ensures that because you're the only one with your password to Yarno, only you will be able to use Yarno and access your stored data.

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