How much data does Yarno use?

Running low on internet data? Not to worry! We've crunched the numbers on how much data a Yarno quiz uses each day.

When you load Yarno for the first time, approximately 2MB will be used with subsequent pages using between 20-50KB (note: 1000KB = 1MB). This means that if you're answering 10 questions a day, then you will use approximately 3MB of data on this first attempt.

After your first quiz, the application should be cached into your browser so there won't be a need to load that initial 2MB for every time you revisit Yarno. For example, your second, third, fourth quizzes (and so on) should only use 500KB a day. Hooray!

Yarno quizzes typically take less than 3 minutes to complete.

By comparison, you can use up to 60MB browsing for 5 minutes on Instagram and viewing videos on Facebook for 5 minutes will use up 13MB.

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