View results of a completed campaign

Once a campaign has finished, the results are accessible via the learner and admin dashboards for learners and admins respectively. 

Access a campaign dashboard as an admin 

  1. Login to Yarno
  2. Click Enter admin
  3. Go to the Campaigns tab
  4. Navigate to the relevant campaign
  5. Click View results 

Most popular results

On the Overview screen, the individual and team leaderboards provide a snapshot by score and performance. 
You can also see at a high-level performance by topic, which identifies strong and weak topic areas. 
If the campaign included primer questions, then you'll see the pre and post primer performance here too. 
On the Learner Drilldown, you can dig into specific learners and how they performed. 
And similarly, on the Question Drilldown, you can drill into specific questions, to see how they were answered. 

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