I have a new employee, how do I get them to complete past campaigns?

This is a common scenario and one that's straightforward to complete in Yarno. 
For this example, let's say you have a new employee, Tess. You'd like Tess to complete the New starter campaign that's delivered to all new employees. 

You can save at anytime within these steps and return to the dashboard. Just click Save and return to the dashboard in the top left corner of your screen.

1.  Login to Yarno

2. Click on  Campaigns

3. Click Create new Campaign

4. Give the campaign a title e.g. New starter - Tess. The more descriptive the title, the easier it is to find past campaigns.

5. Choose Yes please, to "Would you like to copy any content from an existing campaign?"

6. Choose the existing campaign you'd like to copy content from. We'll choose the New starter - Liam campaign (Liam was the most recent new starter)

7. Click Next

8.  Find or browse learners you'd like to add. In this example we've added our new employee Tess. 

9. Click Next

10. Your campaign questions will be pre-populated, so review them and make changes as necessary. Click Next

11. If your campaign has primer questions, review them and make changes as necessary. Click Next

12. Review the campaign settings that were copied over from your existing campaign. Review all the settings and make changes as necessary. Click Next

13. Ok, final step. Do a final review and check of all previous steps. Once ready, click Invite learners

Woohoo! You're done – invites will be emailed to learners within seven days of the campaign starting. 

If your campaign start date is nine days from today, then the learner invite will be sent in two days time. If your campaign start date is two days from today, then the learner invite will be sent straight away. 

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