Defining goals

Before you jump into creating content it’s vital to do some deliberate thinking. Taking the time to articulate what you want to get from Yarno will help ensure you work less and achieve more.

Together with your key decision makers answer these questions:

  • What’s the problem we are trying to solve? 
  • How will we know when we've solved it?
  • What will learners DO differently as a result of the training?

Some examples:

  • “We need safety training”
    Lost time indicators will decrease by 5% in 1 year as site managers follow the safety guidelines.
  • “We need quality training”
    Warranty claims will decrease by 10% in 1 year as employees follow proper quality procedures.
  • “We need sales training”
    Sales will increase 5% by Q3 as all sales people use the 5-step sales model.
  • “We need diversity training”
    Employee retention will increase 8% by the next EOFY as all employees better manage diversity.
  • “We need training on conflict management”
    Grievances will decrease by 10% in two years as team leaders better manage conflict on their teams.
  • What are some ways we can measure these goals?

Some examples:

  • Lost time indicators
  • Safety complaints
  • Less reported incidents
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Warranty claims
  • Employee confidence and competence survey
  • Site manager observation
  • Success Case Method

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