Question Collections

Admins have had the ability to group Yarno questions for some time - Question tags were introduced to group questions of a particular topic area, and are used in reporting on the Yarno dashboards to show learner performance by topic. 

Some admins have needed to group questions for other reasons though, where performance reporting is not as relevant. For example, you might want to link all the questions used in onboarding campaigns - which would help with finding and reviewing questions, but (since it would apply to every question in a relevant campaign) wouldn't provide any particular insight in an onboarding campaign's reporting. 
To address this secondary need for grouping questions, we are introducing an optional "collections" feature for Yarno questions! This gives the ability to add questions into a collection, providing a link between the questions separate to the existing tags - and not reflected in learner performance reporting. 
Given we're introducing collections, it was a good time to also update the name for question tags to better reflect what they are meant to be - tags will now be known as "topics" in Yarno, which reflects how they are used for reporting. 
Alongside these changes, we have also updated the sorting and filtering options in the questions list, allowing filtering both by topic or collection (where enabled) and to exclude questions that have expired. 
If you'd like more information about the question collections feature or to have it switched on for your account, speak with your Customer Success Manager. 

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