Creating video question banners

They say a picture says a thousand words, and well...I'm not sure what they say about video - but whatever your video says, Yarno lets you ask questions with it! (provided they're on Vimeo or Youtube)

To do so, click "Create a new question" in the questions tab. From there, you will be presented with this screen, where you should:

  1. Select add video
  2. Paste in your Youtube or Vimeo link in the 'Video URL' 
  3. Select if you want to use a video thumbnail or a custom thumbnail for your video

Custom video thumbnail

Don't want the default video thumbnail? You can now upload your own custom thumbnail! To use a custom thumbnail:

  1. Select the "Use custom thumbnail" box
  2. Enter an image url or upload the image from your files. Gifs as well as images are accepted when using an image URL.

Common questions about video banners

Can I start the video at a particular point?

You sure can! Just put the relevant timestamp into the video URL when you're pasting it is:

For YouTube, that should look something like this:

For Vimeo, it looks like this: 

That bit at the end that is t=123 tells the video player to start the video at 123s

How do I get a link for my video to start at a particular point

On Youtube:

  1. Click share 
  2. Select start at 'X:XX' (the point at which you'd like the video to start)
  3. Copy the link

On Vimeo

  1. Click 'Share'
  2. Click the video link and select when you'd like the video to start

What will it look like for my learners?

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

You can preview this for yourself in Yarno when creating the question by using the preview on the right hand side:

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