Intro to Yarno

What is Yarno?

Yarno is essentially like Trivial Pursuit for workplace learning! 

It's a mobile learning tool aiming to improve employee performance from any device - anywhere, anytime! 

What's involved?

Yarno learners are invited to take part in short daily quizzes that helps you improve knowledge, track learning progress and spark some friendly competition between colleagues. Spaced repetition increases confidence and capabilities by reinforcing and embedding critical information over time.

The questions provide instant feedback including the correct answer and the percentage of individuals in the same campaign that answered which question. Explanations of the correct answer are also immediately accessible following submission of a response with links to further resources.

Learners accumulate a score based on their participation and performance over time – which they can compare against co-workers on the  Yarno dashboard. 

The 'I don't have time' argument

We understand. Employees (and you, of course!) are busy and may not feel that you have the time for training. And, it's true – employees are time-stretched further than ever before. Training, unfortunately, is one of those tasks that falls into the 'I'll do it eventually' basket. 

That's exactly why we've built Yarno to be quick, targeted quizzes that take no more than a few minutes in a tea break, on the bus or on a walk around the office.

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