The campaign dashboard

The campaign dashboard is designed to give you a high level overview of your active campaigns across all learners and teams within your company:

The dashboard presents the following data in real time:

  • A count of total active learners
  • Total active campaigns
  • Percentage of active participation across all active campaigns.
  • Questions that have yielded a low performance (areas for potential future learning)
  • Learners who has performed poorly over the course of the campaign.

Specific Campaign Dashboards

Once you have entered Admin - navigate to Campaigns, then expand the relevant campaign using the down arrow. Then select "View Dashboard":

The follow information is presented in the campaign dashboard:

  • How progressed the campaign is
  • Learners active in the last week
  • Weekly participation, which is determined by learner engagement for the current week. 
  • Learner completion, which is the percentage of questions answers. 
  • Performance displays a percentage of correct answers. You can also view answer accuracy between first and second attempt. 
  • The leaderboard ranks learners by their score and shows individual performance. This can be anonymised. 
  • At a high-level, you can view performance by topic, which identifies strong and weak topic areas. 
  • If the campaign included primer questions, then you'll see the pre and post primer performance here too. 
  • On the Learner Drilldown, you can dig into specific learners and how they performed. 
  • And similarly, on the Question Drilldown, you can drill into specific questions, to see how they were answered. 

Team Filter Feature

The Admin and Manager Dashboards both have a Team Filter feature which allows admins/managers to update the stats on the dashboard to reflect the chosen team. The Leaderboard, Score, Performance Over Time, Answer Accuracy and Performance by Topic all are updated once a team is selected. Teams can be selected one at a time and having no team selected in the team filter shows the stats and leaderboard for all learners on the campaign. 

The Team Filter is on the top right hand side of the Dashboard. Clicking on the Team Filter box opens the drop down list of teams which can then be selected to update the Dashboard stats. 

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