What is a Campaign?

Welcome to Yarno!

Campaigns are the bread and butter of Yarno learning. They are a fun way to embed new and reinforce existing knowledge in a workforce over a period of time using short, daily quizzes!

Campaigns involve answering a small number of questions every day over a period of time. Campaigns generally intend to achieve some predefined goals. 

Why campaigns?

Reinforcing knowledge over a period of time is proven to embed that knowledge by strengthening neural pathways for longer term memory!

Active learning is also engaged in the quizzing format. This forces your brain to remember, increasing the likelihood that you'll remember it again. 

Learners also receive feedback immediately following a response to a question. This has been proven to correct misconceptions and help learners build correct mental models. 

Most learning is presented sequentially in that we will attempt to master one topic before moving onto the next. Yarno uses a concept called interleaving, which is basically the opposite of this. Most campaigns focus on around 10 topics, so on any day a learner could be answering 3 to 4 questions across 3 to 4 topics. 

Embed or burst?

There are two types of campaigns that serve different needs. 

Embed campaigns generally last for three to four weeks and embed knowledge over time. Campaigns are time based, so a fixed schedule of quiz questions are delivered to you daily. Campaigns are used for introducing new information and reinforcing previously learned knowledge over time.

Bursts are a series of specific, targeted Yarno questions launched for any number of reasons (compliance, refresher training, new product and event knowledge, your coworker's favourite colours etc). For more information on bursts, right this way.

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