Create a burst

I want to create a burst, how?

If you are familiar with creating embed campaigns, then you will be an expert in no-time. If you are new to creating Yarno campaigns, then this guide is all you need to become an expert. Let the sherpa know you have this, no oxygen tanks required on this climb.

A burst is designed to communicate or test knowledge quickly and efficiently by delivering all questions in one go. These campaigns are typically 5 to 10 questions long.
Are you interested in what the difference is between an embed campaign and a burst? If you are, we have a lovely blog article for you - right this way

1. Login to Yarno

2. Click the '☰' in the top right-hand corner and select  Enter Admin from the menu

3. Click on Campaigns

4. Click  Create New Campaign

5. Click Choose underneath Burst Campaign

For the following steps, you can save at any time and return to the dashboard. Just click Save and return to the dashboard in the top left corner of your screen.

6. Type the name for your campaign in the text field and click Save & Next

Note: You can also copy an existing campaign by selecting Yes, please. Once clicked, select the Campaign and select the settings from that campaign you would like to copy.

7. It is time to add some learners to your burst. Click the Add Learners tab and select the learners you would like to be added by checking the box(s) and click Add to Campaign

Note: It is essential you click the  Add to Campaign button above the learner table after selecting the learners.

Note: If the learner list feels a little unwieldy, you can use the Team Filter or Find a learner search to refine the results.

8. Once the learners are added to the burst, click the Review Campaign Learners tab to clarify the learners in the campaign. Once confirmed, click Save & Next

9. Now it is time to  Add Questions to your burst. Much like adding learners in the previous step, select the questions you would like to be added by checking the box(s) and click Add to Campaign

Note: It is essential you click the  Add to Campaign button above the question table after selecting the question.

Note: If the question list feels like an obnoxiously long receipt, you can use the Tag Filter or Find a question search to refine the results. 

8. Once the questions are added to the burst, click the  Review Campaign Questions tab to clarify the learners in the campaign. Once confirmed, click Save & Next

9. This burst is on the brink of popping. Welcome to Campaign Settings, where you can configure the particulars - including Campaign Start Date, Campaign Expiry Date, the Time of day learners receive notifications and the Leaderboard display preference

Click anywhere in the Date Field and select a date from the Calendar widget

Click anywhere in the  Date Field and select a date from the Calendar widget

From the dropdowns, select the Hour, Minute and AM/PM for when you would like the learners to receive notifications from Yarno

Select your preference for the Leaderboard by choosing one of the options from the Dropdown

10. By now we expect that you have not even broken a sweat on this climb to launching a burst campaign. One step to go. Go ahead and click Save & Next.

11. Welcome to the Invite Learners stage of launching a burst. The control centre. From here you can navigate back to any stage in the setup process and edit. Once you have verified all the information, we invite you to push the largest yellow button in the observable universe

12. A wild modal will appear, select No, I'm not ready to invite learners to go back and continue editing the burst or Got it! I'm ready to invite learners to, well, invite learners

13. If you selected  Got it! I'm ready to invite learners, Congratulations - you have just created a burst campaign and this lovely screen will appear

Still Stuck? 

Check out this helpful video that takes you through step by step on how to create a burst with Yarno:

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