Add a learner to a campaign that's already started

You can absolutely add a learner to an active campaign. As long as all learners are added before the start date of a campaign then there is minimal impact from a learner perspective. 

Learners added after a campaign has been launched will receive the invite email within a few minutes of being added. 
If learners are added after the start date of the campaign, then they will only receive that given day's questions rather than getting a backlog of questions. For example, if a learner is invited on day two of the campaign, then they'll miss the first day of questions. 
While we can manually generate previous days questions on request, we made the decision not to build this feature into Yarno. This was to avoid instances where account owners requested for invites to be sent to learners on the last day of really long campaigns (think 90-days). In this scenario, the learner would be presented with hundreds of questions to answer in one go, which would result in a poor learner experience.  

Adding a learner to an active campaign

Make sure you've added the new learners to Yarno before following the steps below. 

  1. Login to Yarno
  2. Navigate to Campaign
  3. Find the relevant campaign and click Edit learners
  4. Click the Add learners tab 
  5. Find the relevant learner(s) and click Add to campaign
  6. Then click Review campaign learners 
  7. And finally, click Save & Next

The learners you added will receive an invite within 15 minutes. 

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